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Proclaim Distribution Services saves you time and money and keeps your company looking great.

  • Free up your staff for more important tasks
  • Eliminate waste by damage in over-full, inadequate storage rooms
  • Protect your brand by presenting only pristine collateral
  • Imagine happy branches that can order what they want, when they want
  • Check inventory online, in real-time, anytime
  • And charge to the cost centres you set up

With Provide IT integrated logistic services, you can now pass all your sourcing and distribution hassles to us.

We monitor stock levels and maintain them at optimal capacity. Naturally, this reduces capital employed in your stock.

You can check your inventory online, real-time, 24/7 with our web based Inventory Management and Reporting System. You even set your own monthly reporting to suit your needs – detailed or summary, online, email in MS Excel or hard copy – so billing your branches has never been easier and is absolutely accurate.

Packaging is professional and we can take care of all your distribution, no matter how complex.






Our Mission is to make our clients look great!