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4 Reasons Why Companies Use Promotional Clothing
Posted: Tuesday 26 July 2022 by 4 Reasons Why Companies Use Promotional Clothing

Have you been considering investing in some promotional branded clothing for your business but aren’t quite sure when and where this clothing would come into good use? There are so many uses for brand clothes, and it is an effective and practical form of promotional material. Let’s have a look at some popular uses!

Events And Promotions

If your brand is involved in or sponsoring an event, you want to ensure that you get your branding out there as much as possible. This can be done with banners, flags,gazebos and more. 

In addition, having branded clothes for your employees or volunteers to wear at the event is an affordable and effective way to ensure that your brand becomes associated with the event by those who attend it.

If you have promoters handing out pamphlets or promotional material, they should always be wearing promotional clothing.


Does your business have a brick-and-mortar store? Supplying your staff with uniforms creates a professional atmosphere and imprints your logo and brand identity into the minds of your clients. It can also give your employees a sense of pride in their job.

And uniforms don’t have to be boring, uncomfortable or overly formal. If your workplace has a more casual environment, your brand’s clothes could comprise a branded t-shirt or caps.


Online giveaways are a great way to bring more attention to your business and grow your online following.

You could create a hamper that includes your products as well as a piece of branded clothing as an online giveaway prize. Be sure that your prize is something that a lot of people value so more people enter!


Do you have many loyal customers that may want to purchase merchandise from you? Even if you are not a clothing company, many companies such as coffee shops, tattoo shops and restaurants sell branded clothing to their customers. This allows you to generate profits per sale, and the more people wearing your brand’s clothes, the more awareness it brings to your brand.

Does your company need branded clothes for any of the reasons we have mentioned? Or perhaps you have a completely innovative idea for your brand’s clothes? Here at Proclaim Solutions, we offer a wide range of branded apparel. Our expert designers can create a design for your brand that incorporates your brand identity. Please get in touch with us today!

What Makes A Good Business Card?
Posted: Wednesday 29 June 2022 by What Makes A Good Business Card?

While some may consider business cards unnecessary, business cards are, in fact, the face of your business identity and play a very important role in getting your branding across to your potential clients. If you are a business owner, you should never underestimate the value business cards can bring to your business. They are affordable, easy to carry in your wallet, and always readily available to share.

In this age of technology, business cards do not rely on any type of device to access or relay information. But what makes a good business card? In this article, we’ll look at some of the elements to include in your next business card printing if you want your business card to stand out.

Appealing Design

The most important part of the business card is the design. The template that is used should be appealing and attractive, all while keeping the target market in mind.

Not Too Busy

You may want to cram a lot of information and imagery onto your business card, but make sure that it is not too busy and that there is enough white space to make everything easy for the viewer to take in.

Quality Printing

Not all business card printing offers the same quality. Opting for quality printing will give potential customers the right first impression.

Including A QR Code

Consider including a QR code that allows for further interaction, e.g. your website. This is a very popular feature.

Smart Copy

You don’t have a lot of space for copy on a business card, so ensure that you use your space wisely when it comes to words. And ensure the copy is proofread so there aren’t any embarrassing mistakes!

Have Your Logo Front And Centre

If you want the receivers of your business card to remember anything about it, it should be your logo, so ensure that your logo is easily visible.

Get Your Business Cards Designed & Printed With Proclaim Solutions Group

Proclaim Solutions Group can design and manufacture a professional business card that will portray your company in the best possible light. We strive to exceed your expectations and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Need business card printing? Contact us at 09 415 9666 or email us at

All-in-one Printing Solutions Company in New Zealand
Posted: Wednesday 11 August 2021 by Proclaim

Nowadays, businesses need fast, smart, and reliable printing solutions to market the product and services. This is why a delay in production by printing companies is unacceptable! Save your time, effort, and money by changing over to Proclaim Solutions Company for your business needs.

Proclaim is your single source for all your essential business and marketing needs in New Zealand. With the mission, “To make our clients look great!” Proclaim does whatever it takes to market a business, product, or service.

Proprint Management Services was established by Graeme Foster in 1999 with a clear vision to provide a print management solution to our customers. The company continues to expand beyond its initial service and satisfy our clients by the coming years.

In December 2005, Proprint Management Services re-branded under the name of Proclaim Solutions Group as the customers continued to seek assistance in all factors of their business. 

Today, Proclaim Solutions Group specialises in full-service print, promotional clothing, and web management. Applying our ‘can do’ attitude, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional services that you won’t be disappointed.

“Until changing over to Proclaim Solutions Group, we had experienced numerous delays in getting simple items of uniform to our staff in time.”

- Testimony of Brendan Prendergast, a Managing Director


Proclaim Services

Printing Services

In Proclaim, we provide printing solutions for your print projects. Services include:

Digital and Offset printing

Proclaim can organise and manage all your marketing communications from printing to distribution. We ensure to minimise the cost, maximise resources, and stay consistent in your brand to help your business grow and succeed.

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Procurement Services

In Proclaim, we can procure a variety of options for your promotional, marketing, and business needs. Services include:

Custom Branding Solutions

We offer custom branding solutions to meet all of your requirements and specifications, whether it be in embroidery or digital print format like:

  • Branded apparel, gifts, or merchandise
  • Company signage
  • E-business procurement & distribution

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Web Application Services

We can also manage, host, program, and market websites for your business. Services include:

SSL Certificates

SSL security is essential when you are transmitting sensitive data over the internet, such as passwords, credit card details, and other protected information. 

We provide SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption used for sending and receiving encrypted information between the end-user and the server.


Web Application Development

Using the latest technology, we can do web application development ranging from few features to complex ones and made according to your specific requirements. 

View the full list of Web Application Services here.

We understand your desire to be successful in your business. At Proclaim, we always make sure to exceed your expectations and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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