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Artwork Specifications


ProDesign operates Adobe design software.


We provide all clients with electronic pdf proofs via email or traditional hard copy as specified by the client.


If you require the .pdf reader it is available here: Get Adobe Reader

The following are ProDesign's preferred guidelines when dealing with
supplied copy, file and image formats:


Text files:


We are able to accept almost ALL file formats containing
text / copy:

Word (.doc)

Simple text (.txt)

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Website text (.html / .htm)


Helpful hint:
If possible, please supply 'final proofed' copy as this can minimise the time spent preparing your files for print, and significantly reduce
the proofing process time.


Logo files:


Our preferred file format(s) for logo's are:

Vector .eps files
(Illustrator or Freehand (up to V.11))


Please Note:
We also accept the file formats below, however, these will need to be converted for print,and may need to be redraw or re-supplied depending on their size and quality.


.jpg .tiff .pdf .gif .bmp




We are able to accept almost ALL file formats containing photos and images:

.jpg / .jpeg

.tif / .tiff





Please Note:
Generally speaking, any image sourced from a website is NOT suitable for inclusion in a document intended for digital or offset printing. Websites images / photos do not have the resolution quality needed to produce a sharp quality print product.




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